What is it like to be a sugar baby?

The change in feelings is obvious when you truly understand sugar daddy dating and become familiar with it. In the beginning, you may worry about the possibility of violence and you may worry about security. I learned a few self-protection techniques during this period of time that I had heard in my head for a few months. I decided that it was time to step into this field. I tried hard to try it out on the premise of security, and slowly discovered that it was different from many of our imaginations.

For the first time, I used a fake email to create a personal profile on a dating website which is a platform for wealthy people and women who need financial assistance to seek mutually beneficial relationships. At first, a lot of attention was drawn, many people greeted and asked for your WhatsApp number to exchange pictures, but most of the time, they would put forward some requests that you may not initially accept. Until I met my real sugar dad on the sugar daddy dating site, he was the one who took me to the sugar bowl for the first time, taught me the basic rules of the sugar relationship, and let me see if I could do something in this field. After we had known each other for some time, I decided to meet him in reality to see if he was what I imagined. The fact is that both his handsomeness and his generosity have attracted me deeply. Fortunately, he looked so different and showed respect for me. He was a very gentleman with a good sense of humor. To some point, the topic of money will certainly not be avoided, facing my monthly allowance requirement of $2,000, he showed no hesitation. How much money a sugar baby can get from her sugar daddy depends on her location. Big cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York usually have more wealthy people. The rich people in the cities where I live are much less, so that's why I didn't make that much money. I know there is an allowance of about $6,000 per month for a sugar baby living in Los Angeles - it's very impressive. Not all sugar relationships are related to sex, but if you are willing to sell your body, you will get more rewards.

We have maintained this relationship for nearly a year. He helped me get rid of most of the debt. Fortunately, I met him at the beginning, not some weird and disgusting ones. When I finished college and decided to leave Fremont and start a new life in New York, the relationship ended. This was an exciting start. He supports me as always, emotionally and economically. He completely transformed me from a rookie to a mature sugar baby. And now, I live in New York and have a decent job. But I will never forget him. During that time, he was more like a teacher to me than just a sugar daddy. He taught me far more than sugar. The feeling of being his sugar baby is so special. Sometimes I still miss him...

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